Professional/Institutional Billing

It includes handling of billing processes for both professional services (physicians) and institutional services (hospitals). This comprises coding, charge capture, claims submission, and follow-up on claims.

Contract Management

This refers to the management of contracts between healthcare providers and payers, ensuring accurate reimbursement rates, terms, and compliance with contractual obligations.

Patient Access Services

This involves activities related to patient registration, insurance verification, scheduling, and ensuring a smooth patient intake process.

Healthcare Analytics

We utilize healthcare analytics to analyze and interpret data related to revenue cycle management, identifying areas for improvement, optimizing performance, and making informed decisions.


Accurate and compliant medical coding is crucial for proper billing and reimbursement. Medbillmaster provides coding services which ensure that diagnoses, procedures, and services are appropriately coded for billing purposes.

Accounts Receivable and Denial Management

We manage accounts receivable by monitoring outstanding payments, following up on unpaid claims, and implementing effective denial management strategies to minimize claim denials and improve revenue collection.

Allied Services

Provider Credentialing:
It assists physicians, practices, hospitals, and other healthcare institutions in the United States with the process of enrolling and credentialing with health insurance plans. This includes verifying provider professional records to ensure accuracy and compliance before enrollment.

Eligibility & Benefit Validation:
Verifies patients' insurance information and determines coverage details before services are rendered. This helps ensure clean and timely claims, improve cash flow, reduce bad debts, and enables timely follow-up with patients, if necessary.

Our team coordinates with payers to obtain necessary approvals and per-certifications for specific procedures or inpatient admissions in accordance with health insurance guidelines. This proactive approach ensures that approvals are obtained well in advance of the scheduled services for the patient.